Returning March 2021!

He Plays She Plays is currently on hiatus and will return in March 2021.

More than a videogame podcast

He Plays She Plays chronicles the adventures of Jacob and Daeva as they reminisce about their gaming experiences. While the topics are always videogame related, they often take a back seat to the conversations of this real life, old married couple. In the words of one of our listeners, “I like it because it is like being in your living room hanging out with you.” In essence, we hope you’ll come for the games and stay for the banter.

The Chocobo Challenge

Daeva the alien riding a chocobo while Jacob the fishman struggles with a buster sword

Jacob and Daeva play through all the Final Fantasies and argue about the merits of grinding versus cheating.

The Atlus Adventures

Daeva the alien and Jacob the fishman wearing Persona costumes

A trek through some famous Atlus games, starting with the Persona series. Coming soon.

RPG Archaeology

Jacob the fishman and Daeva the alien wearing archaeology outfits

Jacob and Daeva dig through their collection of classic RPG games that they’ve never played. Coming soon.


He Plays She plays is a podcast, for gamers, by gamers.