Season One

Episode 1 – The Journey Begins

Jacob and Daeva talk about their top five favourite games and get lost on multiple tangents.

Episode 2 – The Chocobo Challenge

Jacob and Daeva talk about the inspiration for the Chocobo Challenge, completely forgetting to mention what a Chocobo is. 

Episode 3 – Explaining Final Fantasy 7

Daeva blindsides Jacob with a video from Final Fantasy: Dissidia. Eventually, they get around to talking about Final Fantasy 7. 

Episode 4 – FF7 and the Cast of Marionettes

Jacob takes explaining the Final Fantasy 7 story very seriously. Daeva does not.

Episode 5 – The End of FF7 (We Swear)

Jacob and Daeva finally finish talking about Final Fantasy 7 and swear not to bring it up again for a while.

Episode 6 – Games We Love That No One Talks About

Jacob and Daeva list out personal favourites that never make anyone’s list. Daeva talks about her gaming hero.

Episode 7 – Say “Fairy Tail is great”

Jacob and Daeva discuss the finer points of Fairy Tail, the Game. Jacob agrees that Fairy Tail is great multiple times.

Episode 8 – Final Fantasy 8 and the Sea of Missed Opportunities

Jacob and Daeva discuss the finer points of Final Fantasy 8. Jacob loses himself in a rant. 

Episode 9 – Playstation 5 Feels

Jacob and Daeva discuss their hopes and dreams for the PS5.

Episode 10 – Descending into Jank in Sinking City

In the first of their spooktacular Halloween games, Jacob and Daeva play Sinking City and get lost in a sea of jank. Daeva steals the game from Jacob due to backseat detective work and Jacob gets merc-ed by a teleporting Shoggoth.

Episode 11 – Halloween Double Feature

Jacob and Daeva discuss spoooooky games from their October long creepathon.

Episode 12 – Little Hope and the Journey of Supermassive Games

Jacob and Daeva try to explain their love-hate relationship with Supermassive Games. Jacob says “ludicrous” a ludicrous number of times. 

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