Season Three (2022)

Minions and Mini-games

Final Fantasy X (2001) Part 1

After several cursed recording sessions, Jacob and Daeva finally talk about Final Fantasy X, the only Final Fantasy game they had in common.

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Who’s Story Is This?

Final Fantasy X (2001) Part 2

Jacob and Daeva try to explain the story of Final Fantasy X as best they can., considering the nonsensical plot. Cute romance though.

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Monster Rancher 2 Redux

(Monster Rancher 2 (1999)

In the wake of the new English language Switch release, Jacob and Daeva revisit Monster Rancher 2, and consider who is the true monster.

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Git Gud or Get Lasers

Elden Ring (2022)

Jacob and Daeva break with tradition and talk about a game while it’s actually popular. Like everyone, they have given in to the Elden Ring.

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Holiday Hades

Hades (2021)

Recorded before anything else in Season 3, Jacob and Daeva chat about the game that stole their Christmas vacation. Cyberpunk who?

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What happened to Yuna?

Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)

Why does Yuna have guns? Why can’t Rikku find clothes? And does anyone really care about Paine? Find out as Jacob and Daeva talk FFX-2.

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