Monster Rancher 2 Betrays me Again!

Hello everyone,

It’s Jacob. I just wanted to give you an update on my continued Monster Rancher 2 obsession. As mentioned in our podcast, I ordered a game specifically so I could get a monster called a Worm.

For reference a worm looks like this:


I’m doing this because after a certain amount of in game time, if certain conditions are met, the Worm cocoons up and has a metamophosis. It can become a Beaclon, and that is the only way to unlock Beaclons. This look like this:


I got the game in the mail today. The game that, three different sources confirmed, would create a Jell/Worm. I was then going to use that Jell/Worm to create a Worm. Easy Peasy!

This is what came out of the disc:


Pardon my language but… the fuck is that?! I know what the fuck that is, it’s a Mocchi/tiger. Both the main and subtypes of this monster can be found that the market, so no CD needed. Not that it matters, because I paid 25 dollars for this garbage and it isn’t even the right monster!

I named him FUCK! and he’s going to be trained just to spite the cruel god who did this to me.

I think I’m going to go lie down now…

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My name is Jacob Marsh. I am an emerging writer currently swimming around in the Puget Sound looking for fresh fish and even fresher ideas.

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